From waste to wonder

  • For Plants

    Woop adds millions of powerful microbes to your soil, giving it new life. Many of these microbes have superpowers to share with your plants. Some help your plants absorb nutrients like nitrogen, while others make your plants more resistant to infection, pests and disease.

    Healthy, microbially rich soil is less likely to be a stronghold for bad microbes that could make your plants sick. And the crumbly texture of Woop helps soil drain and retain an ideal amount of water, making Woop-amended soil a perfect home for your green friends.

  • For People

    Have you ever been in the kitchen of a restaurant? If you have, you probably know that a lot of food doesn't make it out to the table. Every night, tons of organic waste leaves restaurants all over the US in dumpsters and is hauled to the local landfill. These fruits and vegetables, grains and coffee grounds rot at the dump. And this rotting process releases METHANE, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

    At Woop, we take the broccoli stems the chef trimmed and didn't cook, and the oats that stuck to the bottom of the pot, along with the coffee grounds, pineapple peels. We take all the organic stuff that never left the kitchen and we make compost. This process prevents the release of methane gas.

    After we have composted these materials, we turn them over to our team of worms who transform it into a probiotic tonic for plants.

AND the cherry on top of diverting organic waste from the dump… Woop brings your soil to life, which in effect means the dirt in your garden becomes a carbon sink, a place where carbon can remain on the surface of the Earth rather than rising into the atmosphere.

Meet Our Team

  • Daniel Grossman

    Daniel first learned about gardens from his great aunt Amelia who taught him how to grow tomatoes in pots when he was five. For years he has grown food for himself and his family in raised beds at home, where he learned organic methods yield incredible tasting and looking fruits and vegetables. He cares about protecting the planet for the next generation of gardeners.

  • Daniel Diamond

    Daniel is a professional economist trained at the London School of Economics. He has worked in industrial organization and competition economics at Charles River Associates; as a policy advisor to the Government of Malawi with the Overseas Development Institute; and currently, he works with Fortune 500 and global brands to evaluate their economic impact with Oxford Economics. Daniel brings expertise in market dynamics, analytics and environmental impact and measurement to the Woop team.

  • Andrea Choe

    Andrea obtained her MD from USC school of medicine and her PhD from Caltech. Her doctoral thesis focused on the language of worms, where she discovered molecules with therapeutic properties. She is now the founder and CEO of Holoclara Inc., where she is developing a new class of roundworm-derived medicine to treat millions of people suffering from allergic and autoimmune disease.

  • Arthur Lebovitz

    Arthur is a life-long learner, dedicated Deadhead, and compulsive composter. His passion for sustainable soil emerged during COVID, when he discovered the power of composting worms. Through his TEDx talk about how to become a worm farmer, Arthur started educating people about composting. He is excited to continue working to share his knowledge of vermicomposting by collaborating with Woop. Most days you can find Arthur hiking a trail, laughing with friends, or shredding powder.